So What's This About, Then?

This blog started as an attempt to catalog the short stories I read and loved as a child, so that other people may discover and, hopefully, love them.  What this blog has become is pages upon pages explaining the very silly things that stories seem to get up to.  I tease the things I love.

In a nod to the fact that video games are now a story-telling platform as much as any novel, I've also taken to live-blogging my playthrough of certain games.  The first game I tackled was the erstwhile Silent Hill: Homecoming, and I'm giving it special mention because it's the only thing I've written about that I genuinely detest.

Outside of that, I'm working on some podcasts to add to the site, and am always thrilled to take any special requests.  Anyone can contact me for requests, for praises of my brilliance, for recipe ideas, and to tell me that I'm fat at

Until then, enjoy this picture of a mouse.